A decade of experience...


What can we say that our hundreds of customers haven't already said?

Simply put. We love being able to capture the moment and making new friends.

Who is Zachary Straw Photography?

We're primarily a husband and wife duo; Zach and Audra Straw. Though sometimes we have other freelancers that work with us to help you get the most out of your big day.

Why use us?

Honestly, it's the experience that counts. Whether you are taking a snapshot of your little one or that big day that only happens once, you want to know that your photos go smoothly and are the quality you deserve. Also we have a good time with what we do. Can you ask for a better job? (Nope.)

What's your work cred?

We've shot around two hundred weddings and countless portrait sessions. We take around 4 thousand photos a month. Subjects range from families and couples to businesses, athletes, and artists. We also do commercial photography, real estate, product photos, and *our favorite* food images!

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